Truth, Tales and Visions:A Breslov Book of Wisdom.

Texts of R. Nachman of Breslov

Rendered into English by Yaacov David Shulman

A Spirit of Folly

Where do sins come from? They come from a lack of understanding. “A man does not sin unless a spirit of folly has entered into him” (Sotah 3a).
This is the greatest pity of all. Have compassion on those who have sinned; fill them with understanding.

Do Not Despair

Even if you have fallen very low, do not despair. There is no despair in the world. “Sins can be turned into merits” (Yoma 86b). This matter contains mystical secrets.
You can easily return to G_d from any fall, because G_d’s greatness has no end. Never give up crying out to God.


The essence of serving G_d is simplicity: in learning a great deal, praying a great deal and doing good deeds.You do not have to be too strict with yourself. The Torah was not given to angels. Simply do what you can.

Courtesy Jewish, Spiritual and Beautiful.


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